Accelerate Database Efficiency with SQL Performance Investigator (PI)

Traditionally, as a DBA, your primary responsibility as been maintaining the integrity and availability of your organization’s data. But you no longer have the luxury of managing only a handful of servers. Your responsibilities span multiple database platforms and servers. And you're also challenged with strategic business initiatives such as big data, along with the everyday firefighting necessary to keep all systems up and running. In fact, recent surveys show that DBAs estimate 60 to 70 percent of their time is spent troubleshooting issues. While the number of database servers continues to grow, the number of DBAs employed to manage them has not kept pace. So you just keep fighting the fires and hope it all works out.
But you can’t continue on this path. Doing so means you aren't proactively managing your databases but you will also fall behind the competition. What if there was a tool that helped you keep your systems running efficiently so you can direct your expertise to more strategic responsibilities? What if, with more visibility into database issues, you could discover how to most efficiently use your valuable database assets?