Driving Enterprise Value through Smart Connected Devices

To avoid becoming the next poached amphibian, executives and boards must ask themselves three questions:
1. What is going to be the impact of smart connected devices within our industry?
2. How will our organization have to reposition itself to maintain market leadership within the new
industry dynamic?
3. What is the pathway we need to follow for a successful Internet of Things (IoT) deployment that
yields the maximum value from the smart connected devices and the ecosystems within which they
The authors of this paper, in partnership with Forbes Insights and with the support of Hitachi Vantara, set out to answer these questions by interviewing 20 chief technologists and other senior executives at major corporations who have made (or are making) significant IoT-led transformations. We sought to fully understand their journey from idea to implementation; the roadblocks they faced, the triumphs they’ve won and the strategic vision that drove their success. Based on this real-world guidance, we have constructed a framework—or series of “thinking tools”—that executives can use to analyze their position and chart a course to deriving breakthrough value from the Internet of Things.