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Chart: Mobile management vendors compared

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As mobile device management (MDM) tools expand into enterprise mobility management (EMM) suites, our chart lets you quickly compare features and functions. We have the goods on 9 top vendors, in 10 different features categories.

mobile apps and touch screen

Mobile device management (MDM) tools are continuing their transformation into full-blown enterprise mobility management (EMM) suites, which include app and data security, among many other things. While all the major offerings in this arena cover the basics when it comes to hardware management, there are differences when it comes to some of the extended mobile management features you may require.

EMM platforms help companies secure their mobile infrastructure, as well as control device policies and manage mobile apps, content, networks and services. EMM also plays a role in overseeing expenses related to communications services, mobile policies and identity management.

Of these jobs, “content and applications are probably most important in a mobile environment, assuming the identity component is in place across the organization,” says Craig Mathias, principal at Farpoint Group, a research firm that specializes in wireless and mobile technologies and services.

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Our in-depth chart compares the features and functions offered by major EMM vendors including AirWatch/VMware, BlackBerry, Citrix, IBM, Microsoft, MobileIron, SAP, Sophos and Soti.

Editor's note: This chart was originally posted in May 2013 and was updated in March 2015, June 2016 and again in May 2017. We chose the vendors and products listed here based on conversations with independent analysts; all have significant market share or are important to include for other reasons such as features and functions. All information in the chart about the products and services comes from the respective vendors.

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