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Video/Webcast | Presented by AppGate

How to Reduce Your Attack Surface

Join AppGate and Optiv as we tackle the challenges associated with sprawling IT and lateral movement. Learn how Zero Trust security can help reduce your attack surface, as well as the risk of a breach.

Miscellaneous | Presented by AppGate

Visualizing the 5 Zero Trust Focus Areas

Zero Trust Security eliminates the idea of a trusted perimeter-based network. The model default denies access to systems until trust is extensively verified and strictly controls lateral movement.

Video/Webcast | Presented by AppGate

Cracking the Zero Trust Code

In this webinar, guest speaker Forrester's Chase Cunningham, and AppGate's Jason Garbis discuss how to make your Zero Trust security transformation effective.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Sprint

Sprint Curiosity™ IoT

Learn why distributed intelligence is the future of IoT, which IoT applications are poised for growth, and what Curiosity™ IoT from Sprint Business can do for your business.

Pathway to 5G Infographic

The time has arrived for organizations to learn about and invest in wireless technologies that can immediately advance their operations and prepare them for fully deployed 5G.

The 5G for Business Guidebook

A guide to understanding and exploring the pathway to 5G.

eBook | Presented by ServiceNow Inc

AIOps & Visibility for Dummies

This eBook lays out the challenges that AIOps helps you overcome—offering strategies for implementation.

White Paper | Presented by Sprint

5G and IoT: The time to act is now

The long-term performance capabilities of 5G have the potential to fundamentally transform many, if not all, industries. Nowhere will this be truer than for the "Internet of Things" (IoT) which will benefit significantly from 5G.

eBook | Presented by Sprint

8 ways Sprint MultiLine makes business numbers easier to manage

This eBook looks at how Sprint MultiLine can help you deliver a successful strategy for personal devices, one where both employees and your business win. MultiLine lets you add business lines to your employees’ personal phones, to empower your people to work more productively on the phones they already carry.

White Paper | Presented by Syntax

Constructing Your Road to the Cloud: Where SAP Customers Are Accelerating Their Transformations

When moving to the cloud, your business is like a highway under construction. Although you’ll want to get the work done quickly, you must build the roadway while allowing traffic to flow. You’ll need to keep things moving because avoiding a standstill is critical to the project’s success. Similarly, without a clear blueprint for your cloud migration project, you run the risk of a gridlock slowing or stopping business processes and impacting your organization’s bottom line.

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