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Video/Webcast | Presented by Zscaler

AutoNation's Drive to the Cloud: Secured by Zscaler

See how AutoNation, puts an end to the idea of deploying costly appliances by adopting Zscaler Cloud Security platform.

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

Secure Remote Access with Zscaler Private Access

Remote users are accessing internal applications from their favorite cafes and on multiple devices, expecting a seamless, cloudlike experience each time. So why do enterprises still rely on incumbent technology that depends on the use of appliances anchored to the data center? It's simply because there's been no viable alternative. Until now.

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

The Definitive Guide to Networking for Office 365

The intent of this guide it to identify Microsoft's key recommendations in regards to Office 365 networking, and detail what additional network and security challenges you might face before, during and after deployment. Taken together, you might very well come to the conclusion that you can accelerate the future while also saving your organization more time and money than would otherwise have been anticipated.

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

The Definitive Guide to Secure Remote Access

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on what to look for when choosing a security tool for remote access to internal applications. We will outline the four tenets of an ideal solution, which were developed by the Zscaler team over the last three years and served as the building blocks for our new secure remote access service Zscaler Private Access. But before we go into detail, we'll first discuss why these tenets became necessary.

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

Top 4 Pitfalls to Avoid When Deploying Office 365

Office 365 is unlike any other SaaS app and, even with careful planning, it's fair to say that deployment doesn't always go without a hitch. To help you get on the road to success, we've pulled together an overview of the most common pitfalls companies make pre-deployment - and what you can do to avoid them.