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White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

Stopping Ransomware: Protecting Your Business From a Growing Cyber Threat

Ransomware has become one of the most common, high-impact threats in the cybersecurity landscape. They’re more expensive than other types of breaches; the cost and frequency of these attacks are increasing; and every industry has suffered high-profile incidents from government, education and healthcare to technology and retail.

White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

Supply Chain Security Is Tough: So What Should Good Look Like?

This back-to-basics guide will help you begin to answer fundamental questions to help accurately calculate risk exposure and take steps to increase supply chain security.

White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

The Intelligent Edge: A Faster, More Efficient Way to Manage Your IT Risk

Endpoints connect your organization’s two most important assets: people and data. It makes sense to perform as much assessment and remediation as possible where these two resources meet. Successful businesses must manage legal, operational and security risks across all endpoints.

White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

Isolated Castles: Incident Response in the New Work From Home Economy

This paper discusses the challenges for incident handlers to respond to breaches in the new work-from-home economy and what tactics, techniques, and tools can be used to respond to incidents, including those affecting workloads in the cloud. Download to learn more.

White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

Ultimate Guide to Achieving Resilience in Your Distributed Workforce

Download this white paper to learn how organizations in the most demanding and complex environments are leveraging Tanium to build resilience, maintain business continuity, and manage their long-term risk for today, tomorrow and the new normal.

White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

Tanium Insights: It's Time to Ditch the VPN for Zero Trust

In this white paper, we examine what kick-started the zero-trust movement, why it’s completely changed the conversation around network security, how Tanium and its partners’ capabilities contribute to a zero-trust solution. We also cover what you need to know about adopting zero trust in your organization. Hint: You don’t get up one morning and decide to adopt zero trust.

White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

2021 Technology Spending Intentions Survey

In order to assess technology spending priorities over the next 12-18 months, ESG recently surveyed 664 IT and business professionals representing midmarket (100 to 999 employees) and enterprise-class (1,000 employees or more) organizations in North America and Western Europe. All respondents were personally responsible for or familiar with their organizations’ 2020 IT spending, as well as their 2021 IT budget and spending plans, at either an entire organization level or at a business unit/division/branch level.

White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

Cyberwarfare Requires Speed, Adaptability and Visibility to Win: Enterprises Must Close the IT Operations and Security Gap

Cyber security has become a war of attrition where organizations, government agencies and the Department of Defense (DoD) are facing new threats every day. But years of poor IT hygiene have limited their visibility into the IT infrastructure. This is not only opening doors into the network for cyber criminals, but it is also preventing organizations from quickly detecting and responding to threats today. As the stakes are higher than ever before, organizations and government agencies realize that they cannot keep determined bad actors out of their network. But a combination of technology, processes and people can help organizations achieve the speed, adaptability and visibility needed to limit the damage of incidents and restore operations as quickly as possible.

White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

Forrester Consulting: Strained Relationship Between Security and IT Ops Teams Leave Businesses at Risk

Tanium commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey more than 400 IT leaders at large enterprises to uncover the challenges and consequences they face when managing and securing their endpoints.

White Paper | Presented by Tanium Inc

How IT Resilience Gaps Impact Your Business

Modern IT teams feel pressure from all directions. They must maintain compliance with data privacy regulations, track and secure sensitive data across endpoints and manage an ever-increasing number of assets, all while enabling business growth. Balancing these priorities often causes significant challenges for many businesses and IT leaders, leading to gaps in overall resilience.

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