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White Paper | Presented by PwC

5 key questions when you’re facing a potential breach

Leading companies — even top cybersecurity firms and government agencies — can be vulnerable to sophisticated threat actors. Check out these five key questions that CEOs and boards should be discussing with their CISOs and CIOs.

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Cyber insurance: 6 questions every CEO, CFO and board will inevitably ask — soon

Knowing which questions to ask about cyber insurance can be its own kind of insurance - one that helps prevent you from making the wrong choices. Learn more here.

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Cyber risk quantified. Cyber risk managed.

Quantifying the financial risks of different cyber threats can increase the bang for the cyber buck: it enables you to direct resources to the greatest risks.

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Does your customer identity and access management (CIAM) inspire trust?

Security and marketing, previously considered strange bedfellows, are a match made in digital heaven with consumer identity and access management (CIAM). Read on to find out why.

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In data we trust: living up to the credo of the 21st century

Data is everything because it is turning business models upside down, while guiding the world through its health and economic challenges. It is not enough, because it is worse than useless—it is a source of risk—unless you can trust it. The answer to this challenge is a data trust strategy: one that simultaneously maximizes data’s ability to create value and minimizes its capacity to destroy it.

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Jump-start your cloud adoption with modern cloud security

Do you feel stuck with your enterprise cloud transformation strategy? A well-thought-out, step-by-step approach to security can jump-start your stalled migration and/or modernization. Learn more here!

Video/Webcast | Presented by PwC

The collective cyber defense: Public and private sector collaboration

With cybersecurity already a top priority in the Biden administration, what should companies expect? Building public-private partnerships will be critical, and C-suite executives should capitalize on the seriousness with which the government is approaching cybersecurity.

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The disinformation age has arrived. Are you ready?

We've all witnessed disinformation in political and social spheres. Now disinformation is moving to the corporate world. Are you ready?