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10 Questions 10 Answers: Get to know VMware Cloud on AWS – The Best-in-Class Hybrid Cloud Service

If you’re looking for more information about how enterprises leverage hybrid clouds, what makes for a best-in-class enterprise cloud, or whether VMware Cloud on AWS is for you, you’re sure to find it here.

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Attaining a True Seamless, Integrated Hybrid Cloud

Interest in and adoption of public cloud have been growing steadily for the past decade. The availability of on-demand cloud services meshed well with the digital transformation that was happening to businesses of all types.

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Cloud Migration Planning

In this document, we will highlight the best practices and methodology that should be followed when planning a migration to VMware Cloud on AWS.

Test and Development Optimization with Hybrid Cloud

The modern IT landscape presents a host of options to enterprises looking to make the most of their budgets and resources. To be competitive, they have to balance current investments with the potential for growth.

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VMware Cloud on AWS: A new approach to Public Cloud offers more value than Azure alternatives

There is no mistaking that cloud adoption is growing at a phenomenal rate. Infrastructure spending on the public and private cloud is growing at double-digit rates while spending on traditional, non-cloud, IT infrastructure continues to decline and within a few short years will represent less than 50% of the entire infrastructure market.