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Video/Webcast | Presented by Okta

Okta + SailPoint: A Rip Van Winkle Discussion of Identity Management

Identity has never been more important. From yesterday’s legacy solutions to today's sprawling hybrid IT environment, centralizing and automating identity access, security and governance is a challenge. A modern, identity-aware infrastructure is essential for today’s enterprise to proactively address current and future security risks and compliance needs, while effectively meeting the evolving strategic needs of the business.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Okta

The Maturity of Zero Trust Across Organizations

Today's approach to security can no longer be about the network, it must be about the users who access your systems and data from distributed locations.

eBook | Presented by Okta

Cloud Identity Essentials

As enterprises rapidly transition to a hybrid IT environment, controlling access to applications in your enterprise is increasingly important—and complex.

White Paper | Presented by Okta

IDG: Closing the Security Gaps in Cloud Infrastructure Management

A recent IDG survey unveiled a clear message on IT and security leaders’ challenges and strategies for managing server access: Cloud is changing where and how IT infrastructure is accessed and the traditional security methods aren’t keeping pace.

White Paper | Presented by Okta

The 8 Principles of Modern Infrastructure Access

Infrastructure resources are some of the most sensitive and valuable assets across your network. Whether in the cloud or on-prem, controlling access to servers and databases is a top priority for IT and Security departments. While traditional methods are laser-focused on “protecting the keys”, admin credential breaches continue to slam organizations.

White Paper | Presented by Okta

The Benefits of Migrating from ADFS to Okta

Many companies believe Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) is the best choice for applications to integrate with AD. After all, both Active Directory and ADFS are from Microsoft and ADFS is 'free,' so that should be the best choice, right? Not quite.

White Paper | Presented by Okta

Achieving Zero Trust: What It Looks Like in the Real World

You’ve probably realized that perimeter-based security is no longer the best way to secure and authenticate access for your global employees and partners. Naturally, we turn to a Zero Trust security framework, that never trusts users and continuously verifies them.

White Paper | Presented by Okta

Getting Started with Zero Trust <br><small><i>Never Trust, Always Verify</i></small>

The explosion of mobile and cloud technologies has dissolved the traditional perimeter. As a result, organizations can no longer assume trust based on whether or not the user is on the corporate network.

White Paper | Presented by Okta

The Forrester Wave™: Zero Trust eXtended (ZTX) Ecosystem Providers, Q4 2018

Industry analyst firm Forrester Research has released a new report evaluating the vendors who enable a Zero Trust security model – where end user access to critical resources is secure and verified, regardless of network, device or location.

White Paper | Presented by Okta

One Minute White Paper: Benefits of Migrating from ADFS to Okta

Organizations of all sizes are on a journey to the cloud, migrating their legacy software and adopting new cloud-based apps. Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) enables you to keep using Active Directory as your single source of truth for cloud identity—but it’s not your only option. Find out how you can keep Active Directory while making federated identity easier to install, simpler to manage, less costly, and faster to deploy.

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