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Video/Webcast | Presented by NetApp

Leveraging the Cloud to Up Your Data Protection Game

Too often, companies learn too late what it means to handle their data with care. Hefty fines are one thing, but damage to your company’s reputation can be irreversible.

Video/Webcast | Presented by NetApp

Engineering Genomic Big Data Analytics at a Global Scale

The ability to analyze and understand genomes is fundamentally changing many aspects of healthcare and allied fields. The promise of genome therapies to tackle many different afflictions or conditions is truly exciting. The faster and more effectively we can analyze genomes, the larger the benefit to all of us. Of course, all of this critical analysis requires vast amounts of data, more than entire organizations used just a decade ago. Ensuring that this data can be provided at the super high-speeds necessary to enhance genomic analysis isn’t easy. There are substantial performance and scalability issues to solve. During this webinar, you’ll learn how a new solution that leverages cloud can solve these problems.

Video/Webcast | Presented by NetApp

Moving out of the Data Center to Reach More Customer Targets

Almost every organization today is focused on expanding their customer base and adding new customers as quickly as they can. This helps to drive improved business results and provide the foundation for sales growth. It's an easy management goal to implement, but it may require some new thinking for IT as older infrastructure may not be up to the challenge.

Video/Webcast | Presented by NetApp

NetApp Cloud Volumes – Cloud Native Data Management Solutions

Moving data to cloud can be difficult using first generation services and solutions. There were a number of drawbacks including the creation of new silos, lack of data management features/capabilities, and a lack of mobility. However, with a new generation of cloud native data management solutions, such as the latest offering from NetApp, these issues have been effectively eliminated.

White Paper | Presented by NetApp

All-Flash Buyer’s Guide: Tips For Evaluating Solid State Arrays​

Are you looking to switch to all-flash storage? Find out how to evaluate your storage options based on performance, capacity, availability, support, and total cost of ownership.

White Paper | Presented by NetApp

The Future of Storage Networking – Will This Picture Ever Change?

By reading this report, we believe you’ll gain Gartner’s recommendations on why IT leaders should consider use cases, cloud adoption, and technologies for latency sensitive workloads in making storage buying decisions.

White Paper | Presented by NetApp

Planning Your Migration to All-Flash Storage

Read about peer experiences and insights into successfully migrating to all-flash storage. Download this report for tips on building a business case for all-flash storage, identifying success criteria for your project, and successful proof-of-concept testing.

White Paper | Presented by NetApp

Reduce Storage Costs With More Reliable Solid-State Arrays

Gartner explains how solid-state arrays can give you the benefits of increased reliability, extended ownership lifecycles, and reduced support and storage costs, as compared to hard-disk-drive-based arrays.