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Digital Capitals Index Report

The creation and sharing of information has always been at the heart of civilization. However, in recent decades the continuous development of larger and faster information storage and processing systems has led to an enormous increase in the rate at which data is created, stored, and made useful in terms of helping organizations and individuals communicate and make better decisions.

Digital Capitals New York City Report

The creation and sharing of data is central to both economic and social activity. However, in recent decades there has been an enormous increase in the rate at which data is created, stored and used for commercial purposes, and for other uses such as in healthcare and entertainment.

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Green Data Centers are Imperative for Enterprise Success

From the world’s largest companies to smaller enterprises, sustainable practices and environmental stewardship are becoming core to enterprise business strategy.

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Healthcare Technology: Improving the patient experience with interconnectivity

Expectations around the patient experience, doctors’ use of time, selfserve medicine, personalized care and access to digital health records have evolved at an unprecedented rate.

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Hybrid Cloud for Financial Institutions: Propel Digital Transformation Forward

As an industry, financial services has found balance by using a cloud strategy that blends both public and private cloud models. Hybrid cloud solutions have been hailed for optimizing efficiencies, cutting costs, and satisfying compliance and regulatory standards.

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MOBITV Case Study: Direct, private access to MVPDs fuels expanded, national presence

Direct access to both content delivery networks and operators’ networks is critical to MOBITV’s success.

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The Infrastructure Imperative: Optimizing Data Exchange to Ensure Global Digital Transformation

Digital transformation will affect everyone. Most large firms have a transformation plan and are progressing along it. However, IT infrastructure will have to keep up.