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Case Study: Retail and Consumer Goods

See how a retailer manages 33% more traffic with Google Cloud.

Accelerating, sharpening customer insights with cloud-native data services

To better understand and serve customers, organizations must not only tap more data, and more types of data from more sources; they also need to gather, analyze and act on this data far more quickly than ever before.

Case Study: Modernizing Global Replenishment System

The Retail Corporation uses a Bentonville-based centralized database (Teradata) to handle demand and fulfillment for Stores and Distribution centers. Using historical cleansed sales data, it provides accurate predictions to build forecasts for stock/ store and supports promotion/event planning.

Case Study: Rapid Fraud and Non-compliance Detection

The Australian Retailer had a costly fraud analytics solution with poor UX, no integration capabilities and unable to proactively detect fraudulent activities / identify non-compliance procedures resulting in losses of sales, customer, and stock.

Cognizant Retail Analytics

To thrive, retailers must continually identify and adapt to their customer's needs.

The Modern Shopping Experience: 3 Steps for an Intelligent Data Strategy

Consumers are seeking personalized experiences across the web and brick-and-mortar stores, and they have new expectations around frictionless engagement. Retail organizations must be ready to meet these demands.