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eBook | Presented by BOX INC

How content services deliver outstanding customer experiences

The eBook focuses on 3 scenarios that cover the vast majority of use cases for how development teams build content-centric apps

eBook | Presented by BOX INC

Get smarter about content in the cloud

Get your hands on this new eBook to learn how you can reap the value without recruiting a team of data scientists to build AI/ML from scratch.

White Paper | Presented by BOX INC

Enhancing content management with AI: Unlock hidden value in your data

Unstructured business content contains critical information that can be tough to extract, manage, and analyze. Fortunately, organizations unlock business value from this rich reserve of documents, images, videos, and audio files using a combination of cloud-based content management services and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

eBook | Presented by BOX INC

ECM in 2022: How intelligent content services will drive content management

So what does the future hold? Forrester Research's updated report: ECM In 2022: Intelligent Content Services Will Energize Your Content Management Road Map takes the long view and concludes that cognitive content services, analytics and machine learning will reshape traditional ECM.

White Paper | Presented by BOX INC

Reshaping ECM: New opportunities in the cloud

Download the full Gartner newsletter, Reshaping ECM: New Opportunities in the Cloud. You'll learn about the emerging requirements of top ECM vendors, as well as discover real-world use cases of Cloud Content Management.

White Paper | Presented by BOX INC

5 reasons the SaaS revolution needs a unified content strategy

As the needs of organizations grow more complex, delivering enterprise content that addresses the shift to mobility, usability and flexibility are key. Enterprise SaaS applications are creating demand for a new "inside-out" view of content management, extending capabilities to organizations and users who never had access. Until now.

eBook | Presented by BOX INC

2018 State of Intelligent Information Management Report

Over 80% of organizations believe digital transformation is "important" or "very important." But digital transformation is threatened by a rising tide of information chaos. For example, the portion of content outside of content management systems is actually growing.

eBook | Presented by BOX INC

5 considerations for transforming ECM with cloud content management

Check out our ebook, 5 Considerations For Transforming Your ECM Strategy With Cloud Content Management, and learn how to bring your people and information together in the cloud.

White Paper | Presented by BOX INC

Unlock the value of enterprise content management with machine learning

Digital transformation is priority #1 for businesses everywhere. But one hurdle defies easy solutions: What to do with that ever-growing mountain of data — much of it unstructured.