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White Paper | Presented by Atakama LLC.

5 Best Practices to Enhance Your DLP Strategy

In order for organization’s to thoroughly defend against the many attack vectors that exist today, they must develop a multifaceted and comprehensive DLP strategy is crucial. We’ve outlined 5 best practices to help you get started.

White Paper | Presented by Atakama LLC.

Atakama’s File Encryption Will Prevent Ransomware Exfiltration Threats

Ransomware attacks today look a lot different than in the recent past. With file-level encryption that is disconnected from IAM, even if someone is able to break into a network, individual files would largely be inaccessible. 

White Paper | Presented by Atakama LLC.

Reducing the Risk of Exposure with Authenticated Metadata

The number of data breaches in the U.S. has significantly skyrocketed within the past decade from over 600 in 2010 to over one thousand in 2020. These data exposures cost companies millions of dollars, cause regulatory headaches, reputational harm and loss of business. Securing confidential and sensitive data is always a top priority, and there's an ever-increasing need for individual file-level encryption.

White Paper | Presented by Atakama LLC.

Revolutionizing Data Security to Protect Against a New Era of Cyber Attacks

What’s become abundantly clear is that today’s run-of-the-mill cybersecurity standards and practices are not enough to protect data. In recent higher-profile ransomware attacks, we have seen cyber criminals exploit vulnerabilities in VPNs to gain access to systems.

White Paper | Presented by Atakama LLC.

Security Dream, Management Nightmare: Password Protection for Every File. But There is a Clever Way...

Threshold cryptography exists in obscurity relative to more widely exposed concepts in security: encryption, digital signatures and certificates, for example.

White Paper | Presented by Atakama LLC.

What You Need to Know About the GDPR Encryption Requirements

As organizations continue to address privacy concerns related to remote workforces and accelerated digital transformation, organizations can leverage the GDPR encryption requirements to secure data more effectively and maintain regulatory compliance.