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Miscellaneous | Presented by ActiveState

Python Security Solution Sheet

The ActiveState Platform let’s you centrally manage your open source languages. You can verify running code from development all the way through to test and production environments. You can remove blind spots with a 360 degree view of your code.

Data Sheet | Presented by ActiveState

Python 2 Commercial Support Data Sheet

Each of your applications should be evaluated individually to determine the best tactic for them. But no matter which option you choose, ActiveState can help. As a founding member of the Python Software Foundation, ActiveState has a proven track record of providing commercial support for Python 2 and Python 3 deployments in enterprises both large and small for the past 20 years.

White Paper | Presented by ActiveState

Python Modernization: 2 To 3

Python 2 will soon be unsupported. This paper discusses your options for moving your existing packages and applications from Python 2 to 3, along with best practice guidelines.

White Paper | Presented by ActiveState

Automate Your Language Builds

Keep your open source language distributions up to date and consistent across teams at scale, fast. Build your open source language distribution in minutes, not months.

Case Study | Presented by ActiveState

Case Study: MSC Software Corporation

The ActiveState Platform provides MSC with access to an indemnifi ed OEM distribution of ActiveState’s Python, ActivePython.