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Is your organization prepared for GDPR?

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have a far-reaching impact. No matter where your organization is based, if you store or process personal information of EU citizens, you need to ensure your organization is ready.

Why Use Kinvey

We surveyed our customers to uncover the business value they received from using Kinvey. From masking system complexity from developers and users to being able to react quickly to feedback, mBaaS will revolutionize your organization's app development process significantly. See the results of our survey laid out in this infographic, download it today to find out why other companies are choosing mBaaS.

Infographic: The Business Value of Red Hat OpenShift

IDC analysts asked 9 organizations about their return on investment (ROI) using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Here's what they reported.

Infographic: Some Government Networks Just Can't Keep Up

Far too often, even the best convergence initiatives across government networks fail to deliver. That's because legacy infrastructures just weren't built to handle the dynamic requirements of converged telephone, video and data communications. There are gaps that exist, but they can certainly be overcome. In this Infographic, see how to tackle these roadblocks and find the true way forward.

Get the Mobile Risk Matrix

Your organization's sensitive data has made the mobile ecosystem the new frontier for a wide spectrum of risk that every CISO must now understand. Take a look at the Mobile Risk Matrix in this infographic now.

Chrome with XenApp Security Infographic

Learn how Chromebook and Citrix help protect your company data and reduce risk in this infographic.

Infographic: 5 Key Considerations for Evaluating a Mainframe Performance Management Solution

From supporting critical business applications to hosting much of the world's corporate data, the mainframe's high availability and performance is critical to providing the experience your customers demand. Consider these five questions when evaluating a mainframe performance solution.