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White Paper | Presented by Stromasys

Migrating Legacy Applications to the cloud

Stromasys’s Charon product emulates legacy hardware (HP 3000 or 9000, DEC VAX and Alpha, PDP, and Sun SPARC) on modern x86 systems. It allows legacy applications to be migrated from old hardware that is beyond its end of life, to an emulated version of the old hardware on modern hardware. It is cloud-enabled, and will run on any cloud system, such as AWS, Oracle, Azure, or IBM. This white paper covers, in-depth, migrating such legacy applications to the cloud.

10 Considerations for Cybersecurity Risk Management

Risk management is the process of identifying potential risks , assessing the impact of those risks, and planning how to respond if the risks become reality. It is important for every organization, no matter the size or industry, to develop a cybersecurity risk management plan.

White Paper | Presented by Validity

A Guide to CCPA: Understanding and complying with California’s new legislation

In recent years, a rash of high-profile data breaches has created new and growing concerns among consumers worldwide. While a federal US law has yet to be proposed, California is leading the way for the United States with their new law the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) which provides consumers with rights over how their data is being used.

White Paper | Presented by Box

Build experiences that keep customers invested

71% of millennials prefer the dentist over their bank, according to The Millennial Disruption index. You don't have to be that bank.

White Paper | Presented by OpenText

Businesses Seek to Take Supply Chain Integration to the Next Level

A new IDG Research MarketPulse survey confirms that a connected, integrated supply chain is crucial to success in the era of digital business. However, companies face staffing and data quality challenges, leading a strong majority to turn to a third party for complex data integration.

White Paper | Presented by Sprint

Enterprises on the edge

Enterprises need their core WAN networks to be more available, performant, flexible and cost-effective than ever. But the single threaded access options offered historically present an exposed failure point that’s introducing unnecessary risk. Read about a new way of thinking about availability that leverages all kinds of access options.

Importance of Reputational Risk Monitoring & Management

News headlines about data breaches have increased customer awareness and concern around data privacy and security. Today, customers - both in business-to-business or business-to-customer situations - make their purchasing decisions based on cybersecurity.

Nutanix Mine with Veeam: simplify data protection and secondary storage

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) view on why the combination of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and industry leading data protection provides a unique solution.

White Paper | Presented by Validity

Quality CRM Data: The Key to Delivering Great Customer Experiences

In a culture that relies heavily on social media, online reviews, and brand advocacy to gauge product and brand performance, your ability to deliver great customer experiences is key to rising above the competition. Tap the full power of your CRM to meet the challenge.

White Paper | Presented by Box

Simplify your bank's move to the cloud

It takes 8 hours to recreate a lost file, according to TechTarget. It doesn't have to be this hard.

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