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Sponsor Article | Presented by Ricoh

11 essential hacking terms, defined

Savvy IT professionals know that their networks and security are under a constant barrage of cyberattacks.

Sponsor Article | Presented by Ricoh

5 Reasons your organization needs a business continuity plan

Organizations often underestimate the importance of a business continuity plan. No one ever notices its absence – until disaster strikes. By then, it’s too late.

Charging the Digitalization of the Power Grid

Learn more in this Q&A with Jani Valteri, Technology Center Manager for ABB, a leader in industrial digitalization, as we discuss the ongoing evolution of the power grid, key considerations for modernization efforts, the role government regulations play, and what this means for the industry.

Demystifying Digital Transformation for Manufacturers

Learn how to use digitalization to make an impact on operations.

Machine Vision—Coming to a Kiosk Near You

Learn about the role of machine vision in creating a seamless and connected experience, and how businesses can get the most out of their kiosks.

Moving the Needle to Industry 4.0 with 5G and the Edge

Learn more in this Q&A with Philippe Ravix, Global Digital Manufacturing Solution Architect at Capgemini, a global leader in digital transformation, technology, and engineering, about having a road map for the future, the role of edge computing in manufacturing, and how 5G can lead to Industry 5.0.

Retail Self-Service Kiosks Get Personal

Find out how the role of self-service kiosks is changing in the current environment, how businesses can get the most out of the kiosk experience, and where we go from here in this Q&A with David Frei, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for worldwide kiosk manufacturer Pyramid Computer.

The ABCs of EdTech

Learn how cash-strapped schools and school districts can bring the education sector into the tech age without breaking the bank—or the patience of overloaded teachers.

The Doctor Will View You Now

Find out more in this Q&A with Peter Shen of Siemens Healthineers, a leading medical technology company, as we discuss key advances in healthcare technology, including the emerging role of AI and edge computing, the future of healthcare digitization, and how the concept of the “digital twin” could revolutionize patient treatment.

The Future of Retail? Self-Service Kiosks

Find out more in this Q&A with Dylan Waddle, Chief Operating Officer for global provider of kiosk solutions M3 Technology Solutions (M3t).

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