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eBook | Presented by Gigamon

Closing the Cloud Visibility Gap

Accelerating adoption of the cloud has become an imperative for every organization, driven by digital transformation initiatives, customer experience expectations and the need for agility.

Deep Visibility and Software-Defined Micro-Segmentation

The recent rise in security incidents can be largely attributed to the emergence of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

eGuide | Presented by ColorTokens Inc.

Definitive Guide to Zero Trust Security

This Definitive Guide to Zero Trust Security explores key concepts and benefits of zero trust security with a focus on visibility into network traffic, micro-segmentation, and protection of cloud workloads, endpoints, and applications.

Analyst Report | Presented by Zimperium

Gartner Report: 2021 Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense

Zimperium is proud to be a Representative Vendor in Gartner Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense, published on the 29th of March, 2021.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Zimperium

How NOT to Fall Victim to a Mobile Phishing Attack

In this on-demand webinar, Zimperium shares this information, including how phishing attacks have changed since the pandemic began and how to protect your organization from mobile phishing attacks.

Micro-Segmentation Transforms Zero Trust and Least Privilege Principles to Reliable Practices

The principles of zero trust and least privilege provide a pathway to taming the rapidly expanding and highly dynamic attack surface area brought on by cloud adoption and remote work.

White Paper | Presented by Zimperium

MITRE ATT&CK for Mobile Matrix

MITRE ATT&CK is a globally-accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations.

White Paper | Presented by Gigamon

NetOps and SecOps Guide to Public Cloud Journeys

Cloud computing is different, disruptive, and transformative. It has no patience for traditional practices or existing architectures.

PCI-DSS Compliance Technical Brief

PCI-DSS compliance can be challenging. This technical brief details how ColorTokens Xtended Zero Trust enables organizations to see, protect

eBook | Presented by ColorTokens Inc.

Securing Point of Sale Systems: Ensuring Business Continuity For Retailers

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting Point of Sale (POS) systems as they are vulnerable to advanced attacks and can cripple businesses instantly.

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