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eBook | Presented by Planview

3 Reasons Why IT Ops Uses Lean Flow

In this eBook, you will explore three key reasons why IT Ops teams and those implementing DevOps practices use a lean flow approach to deliver customer value.

eBook | Presented by Planview

4 Benefits of Using Kanban for Milestone-Driven Work

Learn how using a visual workflow management tool can boost efficiency, collaboration and morale.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Teradata

Moving Toward a Modern Analytics Architecture

As more data is moved into the cloud, the demands and expectations for using it has changed. It’s time to rethink your dataanalytics strategy. But what should a modern analytics architecture include?

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

Why IT leaders should consider a zero trust network access strategy

As an IT leader, you are tasked with guiding your organization as it adopts public cloud services and allowing mobile users to work from any device, anywhere, while ensuring the security of the business.

eBook | Presented by Zscaler

Transform How You Deliver Internet and Web Security

Your users are mobile and off the network. Your apps have left the data center and now run in the cloud. So, why is your security investment still stuck in the data center?

eBook | Presented by Zscaler

Data protection for your transforming network

With increasing risks and expanding regulations for data protection, you must close security gaps in your organization created by cloud and mobility.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Akumia

Driving Digital Transformation for Improved Employee Experience: A Case Study with Principal

Join us on December 4th for the exclusive thought-leadership webinar, Driving Digital Transformation for Improved Employee Experience to learn how to do just that via a modern intranet

eBook | Presented by Zscaler

Secure Enterprise SD-WAN

Moving to the cloud requires organizations to create secure, direct-to-internet connections. Many organizations are turning to SD-WAN as a cost-effective way to establish local internet breakouts and simplify traffic routing for the branch.

White Paper | Presented by Zscaler

Say Hello to The Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP)

While applications are moving to the cloud for scalability and accessibility, many enterprises are still relying on network-centric technologies that were designed when users worked exclusively in the office or connected via VPN.

White Paper | Presented by Ordr

Deploying Effective Microsegmentation To Protect Connected Devices

Beyond the doom-and-gloom mantra, the fact remains that IoT devices represent prime targets for cyberattack. These devices are not like the common multifunction user device—servers, workstations and mobile devices—that receive constant OS updates and patches, are fortified with

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