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Deliver Private Cloud at Scale with NetApp HCI

In today’s digital workplace, IT teams are being tasked to deliver more, and to deliver it faster. New applications and data are needed across multiple platforms. A recent survey of 650 IT decision makers across the globe found that increasing IT operational efficiency was the number one digital transformation goal, followed closely by improving the customer experience.

NetApp HCI Theory of Operations

Hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) has promised the industry simplicity of deployment, ease of operation, and scale. However, the inherent design of most modern HCI systems limits their ability to deliver on one or more of these promises. This white paper describes how the NetApp HCI system brings simplicity of configuration, efficiency of operation, and elasticity of scale together in a single product.

Cloud Roadmap Assesment for AWS

R Systems, an Advanced-tier AWS Partner, and a global leader in AI/Analytics services, is uniquely qualified to not only help you fully leverage the AWS platform to build a cloud roadmap, but also to fuel your digital transformation by helping you adopt/embed cutting-edge technologies within your business wireframe like data & analytics, AI/ML, cognitive automation, etc. to help you achieve your business goals!

eBook | Presented by Hitachi Vantara

5 Reasons for Hitachi Ops Center Automator

Read this ebook to consider five reasons to begin your automation journey now with Hitachi Ops Center Automator. Learn how to make a more informed choice for modernizing infrastructure delivery and maximizing performance with smart provisioning.

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Successful companies have adapted to changing business climates by using business processes that promote accessibility, mobility, and collaboration. Remote visualization is part of that success, enabling organizations to bring data to employees from anywhere in the world. Read on for data visualization key benefits, a real-world example, and configuration recommendations to help you get started.

White Paper | Presented by Lenovo

Making a Powerful Case for Workstations

Standard PCs are appropriate for mainstream office applications, and gaming PCs are great for gaming. But when it comes to supporting demanding design and engineering applications, professional workstations deliver more power, reliability, user satisfaction, and unique features — for relatively little extra cost. Here’s a look at why and how.

White Paper | Presented by Lenovo

Making the Case for the Right Workstation

Whether it’s an engineer designing bridge structures on a major infrastructure project or a developer coding the next big video game release, the workstation is the epicenter of the workday and a barometer for employee productivity.

Digital Spotlight | Presented by Lenovo

The Right Workstation Makes all the Difference

Adobe® Creative Cloud™ software tools are used extensively within the media & entertainment industry. Including Photoshop®: digital painting and image editing software, After Effects®: compositing software and Premiere® Pro: video editing software, Adobe® software is the standard in content creation tools.

Case Study | Presented by Lenovo

Workstation Case Study Consolidation

Here at Lenovo, we take pride in helping businesses of all types reach unmatched success. And, when it comes to empowering customers with more of what they need, there’s no better option than Lenovo Workstations. These case studies serve as a look at how Lenovo Workstations are helping fuel more achievement, enhance productivity, and change lives.

Digital Transformation for Your Business

Hybrid clouds need proper management and navigation. When done correctly, you can digitally transform your business with SAP HANA powered by HPE. Review this checklist to see if your business can benefit from HPE solutions for SAP HANA.

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