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Combine Efficient On-Premises Storage With Cloud Services

Read this solution brief and get the facts on how HPE Nimble Storage, like the HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays along with HPE ProLiant Gen10, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, and Eagle Cloud combine to deliver data security.

How Automated Infrastructure Accelerates Innovation

Read the white paper to learn how HPE Nimble Storage and HPE Gen10 Servers, like the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Server, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, make the difference.

Single Socket Servers: a New Better Mousetrap?

Read the whitepaper and learn why single socket servers and the HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 server, powered by AMD® EPYC™ processors, has the upper hand.

The New 2-Socket Server Price / Performance Leader

Read the performance brief on the new leader in price/energy economics and update your server shortlist.

White Paper | Presented by Quest Software

Accelerate Database Efficiency with SQL Performance Investigator (PI)

Solve performance issues faster with deep SQL workload visibility and lock analytics.

White Paper | Presented by Quest Software

DBAs Face New Challenges: Trend in Database Administration

This shifting environment has led to an expansion of the DBA role in some settings. DBAs are looked to for advice and guidance in developing the overall data management infrastructure, including when to move data to the cloud. Moreover, with the growth of the DevOps approach to application development, many DBAs are more deeply involved with application and database development.

Understanding the Economics of In-cloud Data Protection: Designed for Today with Tomorrow in Mind

Organizations continue to embrace digital transformation for both their business and IT groups. The use of public cloud infrastructure has become a key driver for that transformation as organizations are using cloud infrastructure services to mitigate the capital and operational expenses associated with traditional IT hardware deployments. In this report, ESG audited and created a comprehensive model that reveals how Dell EMC solutions for in cloud data protection can provide lower total monthly costs, a reduction on EBS storage required, and a lower monthly cost on required EC2 data protection application resources.

3 Phase Power in the Data Center

This paper will explore 3- Phase power, how it works, why it is more efficient and many other advantages it provides to the data center.

Powering the Next Revolution: Artificial Intelligence

In this industry brief, we discuss AI, its relationship to IoT, Smart Cities and 5G wireless, and how all will require remotely managed intelligent power to deliver on the promises of better information and better control, resulting in improved lifestyles, improved citizen satisfaction, and greater efficiency.

The Power of Hyperscale Computing

This white paper discusses what comprises a typical hyperscale data center and the role that power infrastructure plays in enabling these data centers to operate as reliably and efficiently as possible.

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