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Video/Webcast | Presented by Quest

Administrative Delegation and Policy Control in Microsoft 365

With security breaches on the rise, it is more important than ever for an organization to minimize its risk by separating administrative responsibilities. Even so, the Microsoft 365 native tools make it difficult to delegate administrative tasks at a granular level. This becomes far more challenging in multi-tenant environments.

eGuide | Presented by JAMF Software

Data Policy and Management for Beginners

Jamf Data Policy helps organizations enable and maintain remote work by ensuring that users remain productive, regardless of where users are located and what devices they’re using as they shift to hybrid and remote environments.

How to Manage FileVault

In this webinar, we’ll discuss native Apple technologies, and you’ll learn how to best enable and manage FileVault in your organization to maintain the highest security standards while still providing an optimal user experience.

Mac Management for Beginners

This webinar identifies the ideal starting point for IT professionals looking for an entry-level guide to Mac management. Admins tasked with integrating Apple technology into existing infrastructure will benefit from this learning session regardless of experience level with Macs.

eGuide | Presented by JAMF Software

Mobile Threat Defense for Beginners

It’s a fact: Apple builds one of the strongest out-of-the-box secure platforms on the market. However, it is a growing platform target for determined attackers, and because of this, organizations must be equipped to respond to and fend off the threats of today and the future.

White Paper | Presented by JAMF Software

Phishing Trends Report 2021

In 2021, phishing has infiltrated every form of communication, from work and personal e-mail to SMS, social media, and even advertising.

Simplifying Digital Signage with Apple TV

In this webinar, Simplifying Digital Signage with Apple TV, we’ll cover the basics of managing and deploying your Apple TV devices and help you go beyond management to deliver transformative communication flows across all your displays.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Quest

Why PSTs are Such a Bad Idea in the Cloud

PSTs – Personal Storage Tables – arrived in the days of 25 mb mailboxes and 3 kb emails. But now that most Exchange mailboxes are in the cloud, isn’t it time to drop this antiquated technology?

eGuide | Presented by JAMF Software

Zero Trust Network Access for Beginners

DIVE INTO THIS E-BOOK FOR THE BASICS: • How Jamf Private Access works • What security features are built-in • Why you need to reconsider your network authentication and security approach

White Paper | Presented by Verizon

2021 Data Breach Investigations Report

This year, we have updated the DBIR patterns (now seven in number) using machine-learning clustering. This resulted in the creation of two completely new patterns—Social Engineering and System Intrusion—along with an overhaul of Basic Web Application Attacks and the recalibration of Denial of Service, Lost and Stolen Assets, Miscellaneous Errors, Privilege Misuse, plus Everything Else. We also provide a glimpse into how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) compare and contrast with large enterprises with regard to threats.

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