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IDC Brief: Detecting Vulnerabilities with Cloud-Native Security

Cloud-native security toolsets with tightly integrated vulnerability scanning services help tenants avoid known exposures within their server's virtual machines and complete application container images.

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Cloud Economics Snapshot

Four Reasons the Cloud Makes Cents Save Money Now

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The Financial Benefits of Cloud Migration

Years after the cloud took hold there, remains a debate about whether it is actually and probably cheaper to operate in the cloud than on-premises.

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Digital Transformation Requires Changing Security Frameworks

Cybersecurity is continually evolving, becoming more sophisticated and difficult to detect. At the same time, digital transformation to support a more remote workforce and customer experience is increasingly more mobile.

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Preparing Your Technology Foundation for a New Hybrid World

There’s a lot to do. Extending, enhancing, and securing your network technology foundation will help enable better customer and employee experiences, business agility, and risk management. Let's get started.

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Role of SD-WAN in Securing the Expanding Network Perimeter

Did you know that the worldwide sales of SD-WAN technologies are forecasted to grow at double-digit rates over each of the next five years to surpass $3.2 billion in 2024? The benefits of SD-WAN technology are formidable.

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Securing the Perimeter-less Enterprise

Understanding the shift in corporate infrastructure, and how enterprises ensure network security is vital. As a result of the pandemic, the proliferation of remote workers has increased reliance on cloud-based applications.

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Shifting Cybersecurity to Support the Remote Workforce

Fact: the number of remote workers is expected to increase by nearly a third this year and into 2021, causing most organizations to ramp up their investments in cybersecurity solutions to fend off threats.

White Paper | Presented by Lumen

Lean On Trusted, Proven Security Principles for Edge Security

Learn how an all-in-one platform can run cloud and edge applications, with security as an integral component. 

White Paper | Presented by ACTS

Cloud Migration Is Inevitable, but IT Leaders Face Tough Decisions

Enterprise movement to the cloud is seemingly irresistible, accelerating even more in the wake of business disruptions experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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