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eBook | Presented by Palo Alto Networks

eBook: How to Secure Your Business in a Multi-Cloud World

Our brief “How to Secure Your Business in a Multi-Cloud World” highlights an innovative security approach that eliminates the wide range of cloud risks that can cause breaches while enabling your organization to achieve consistent, frictionless protection for all your cloud environments.

3 Steps to Automating Security in Cloud

Whether you’re building your first new cloud environment, already operating in the public cloud with one or more providers, or scaling out to meet increasing demand, we’ve got the answer: a powerful, three-step approach to easily, automatically deploy and integrate advanced security designed for dynamic, multi-cloud environments.

eBook | Presented by Palo Alto Networks

eBook: Business Case for Cloud Threat Defense

Now that your organization is adopting public cloud, securing this adaptive environment is a top priority. That leaves you with an important question: how do you secure it? Do you repurpose traditional data center security tools, piece one together, or use the tools and services from your cloud platform provider?

Whitepaper: Protecting Developer Environments with VM-Series on AWS

Moving to Amazon® Web Services enables many organizations to adopt a more agile application development process. However, to stay agile, developers utilize web-based executables, how-to guides and workbooks from places like GitHub®, YUM, Apt-Get and more. Unfortunately, attackers can use these same resources to inject malware into innocent, unsuspecting networks.

Unit 42 Report: 5 Key Cloud Security Predictions

Over just four months in mid-2018, there were multiple high-profile breaches involving public cloud environments, with none due to the negligence of the cloud service provider.

eBook | Presented by Palo Alto Networks

eBook: Cloud Security and Compliance for Dummies

When it comes to cloud security and compliance, you need to change the way you think about tools and processes.

Miscellaneous | Presented by Cohesity

Bringing Enterprise-Grade Capabilities to the Public Cloud for Secondary Data

Public cloud expansion will continue to see double digit growth over the next five years according to IDC. Making the public cloud interoperable with on-premises solutions needs to be part of your hybrid cloud strategy for secondary data workloads.

eBook | Presented by Cohesity

Defend Your Data: Best practices to prevent, detect, and respond to a ransomware attack targeting your backups

Ransomware attacks are not new. And unfortunately for enterprises, the attacks have become more sophisticated and expensive. It's not a matter of "if", but "when" the next ransomware attack will happen. Is your existing backup immune to a ransomware attack?

Miscellaneous | Presented by Cohesity

Modern, Web-Scale Data Protection for the Cloud Era

Today’s data protection challenges from tight business SLAs, constant forklift upgrades and complex management UIs make it expensive for enterprises to manage the current backup and recovery environments. Rethink your backup and recovery solution.

eBook | Presented by Cohesity

Protect and Manage Secondary Data and Apps in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

As hybrid architectures increasingly become the norm, how are enterprises gaining complete visibility, simplifying management, and making use of all of their data—both on-premises and in the cloud?

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