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Expand the Value of SAP with the Performance and Resiliency of Dell EMC PowerMax

Maximizing the potential of business data from insights offered by SAP is essential to business survival. Dell EMC and its PowerMax enterprise storage platform offers everything necessary to lead the transformation for high-value workloads such as SAP. Download this paper from Dell EMC and Intel® to learn more.

Improve Video Project Completion Time with Dell EMC Isilon F800 All-Flash Storage

For high-throughput tasks such as 4K video playback or editing, the underlying storage dictates how quickly employees can move on to their next project. These workloads require ultra-fast storage so editors can scrub through assets, make changes without waiting for the storage to catch up, and play back the finished results without hitching. In order to help media-focused users complete tasks faster and improve productivity, Principled Technologies tests out high-throughput workload performance on the Dell EMC Isilon F800 All-Flash NAS Storage System in this paper. Read here for the results on read/write testing FPS and read/write testing throughput and uncover how you may be able to achieve similar performance benefits. Download this paper from Dell EMC and Intel® to learn more.

Migrating Email and Archives to Microsoft Platforms

A wide array of capabilities for enabling communication, collaboration, and compliance are offered as part of Office 365 and SharePoint Online. However, the migration planning for either platform must include understanding how the capabilities in these platforms will be used, how these platforms will be integrated with other IT initiatives across the organization, what the total cost of ownership will be, managing the user experience, and how third party capabilities will be used. This white paper explores the key issues involved in migrating to these Microsoft platforms.

Discover the 6 Benefits of a Modern, Secure Digital Workspace

Interested in speed, agility, scalability, security, and cost certainty for your end user workspaces? In this white paper from Citrix-Nutanix, learn how combining cloud services with hyper-converged infrastructure can simplify and accelerate time-to value of digital workspaces.

The Network Virtualization Checklist

Research has found that an incredible 95% of organizations expect to virtualize their network services sometime in the future. Despite this skyrocketing demand, IT leaders often run into a few sticking points when it comes to network virtualization adoption — and ROI is chief among them. If network virtualization is on your radar, use this checklist to confirm that a virtualization solution is the right investment for your organization.

How to Implement Network Segmentation: Virtualization is a Must

To say that today’s networks face unprecedented challenges is an understatement. Every year, networks become larger and more dynamic, with potential threats coming from outside as well as within networks. From devices to data, hackers to employees, threats are everywhere and becoming more sophisticated and destructive.