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White Paper | Presented by IBM

2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools

The data integration tool market is resurging as new requirements for hybrid/intercloud integration, active metadata and augmented data management force a rethink of existing practices. The competitive landscape of this market reflects vendors’ pursuit of a more comprehensive offering strategy in support of a broad range of use cases, and to capitalize on new demand.

eGuide | Presented by IBM

8 simple building blocks for data preparation

Modernizing your data preparation can help in reducing the time to insight and data delivery. Learn how to increase your data users productivity and spend more time on delivering insights and creating predictive models with an automated machine-learning (ML) based platform.

eGuide | Presented by IBM

A comprehensive guide for the modern data catalog

As the volume of data has grown exponentially, the need for making data sources more discoverable and manageable is growing, so organizations can make more informed decisions about how to use and monetize their data. Intelligent data catalogs help manage this growth with capabilities to discover, curate, categorize, share data and build analytical models.

eGuide | Presented by IBM

DataOps interactive guide

Automated data operations (DataOps) helps drive innovation by deploying an integrated business-ready data pipeline that drives analytics and AI at scale, achieves operational efficiency and enables privacy and compliance.

Solution Brief | Presented by IBM

Deliver business-ready data in real time for AI with IBM Cloud Pak for Data DataStage

Bringing disparate data sources together to derive faster insights using AI can be challenging with the ever-increasing volume of data being created and consumed in today’s world. IBM DataStage® allows you to move and transform large volumes of data at high speeds to feed data warehouses, data lakes, cloud repositories and many other target systems.

eBook | Presented by IBM

How DataOps can accelerate your journey to AI

This eBook highlights the DataOps methodology, practice and required orchestration of people, processes and technology to deliver trusted, high-quality data and transform business outcomes. IBM DataOps capabilities include AI-enabled automation, infused governance, knowledge catalog, improved data quality, and a unique six-phase DataOps methodology to accelerate your journey to AI. Explore this and real-world the examples showing the transformative power of DataOps across industries.

Product Demonstration | Presented by IBM

Offload Data Warehousing to Hadoop by using DataStage

DataStage provides a scalable multicloud data integration solution to ensure trusted business-ready data is being delivered in real time for AI. Get hands on experience with ETL data processing in an enterprise data warehouse environment.

White Paper | Presented by IBM

Optimizing an Enterprise Data Warehouse for a MultiCloud Strategy

One of the most effective optimization approaches to the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) is to offload data and workloads. But with multicloud adoption continuing to rise this creates new challenges in preparing an optimization strategy.

Research/Infographic | Presented by IBM

Organize your data to be AI-ready with DataOps

Companies undertaking digital transformation and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) need organized and trusted data that is business-ready for analytics and model building.

CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager

Every endpoint has a privilege problem. What does that mean?

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