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Definitive Guide to Cyber Risk Analytics

Cyber and the business have not always seen eye-to-eye. Cyber operators have been operating in survival mode for some time. Now, business executives are demanding more alignment and proactive engagement with the organization.

Aberdeen: IT Benefits From A Hybrid Cloud Approach Continue to Grow

Learn how Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that are leveraging Hybrid Cloud are seeing several critical benefits. Based on new Aberdeen research, these gains and benefits are even more vital for today’s organizations. With hybrid cloud, your SMB can reduce downtime, cost and risk while increasing flexibility and scalability.

Frost and Sullivan: Server Security Lies Deep in Hardware

Learn why replacing servers is often delayed. Confronted with competing business priorities, limited budgets and personnel, and a sense of comfort as current servers reliably hum along, delay is easy to rationalize. Yet, delays are not without risk and trade-offs.

Guide to Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Are you facing the challenge to go big on cloud or take on a cloud-first mandate? Deciphering where to start or what elements to include or what guidance to follow can be the hardest part. Our goal is simple—to help you accelerate your program by giving you the framework of best practices we have found that work.

IDC Paper: Why Organizations Need an Intelligent Data Strategy

Learn about the HPE Intelligent Data Platform and the new IT realities it addresses. With digital transformation underway in many organizations, more dynamic business models are becoming the key to success.

IDC Whitepaper: Delivering IT Services in the New Hybrid Cloud: Extending the Cloud Experience Across the Enterprise

As you strive to deliver the speed your business demands, this new whitepaper from IDC provides the latest insights about the trends and challenges of delivering IT services in the new hybrid cloud world.

Migrating to the Cloud for Innovation and Cost Management

Businesses desire disruptive technologies that help them level the competitive playing field with smaller, more nimble competitors. Through utilizing public cloud, they expect to accelerate development cycles by improving the speed to provision compute environments, often going from weeks to seconds. This enables the company to respond to market demands quickly, using DevOps and a Continuous Innovation/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline to speed the build, package, and deployment process of the software lifecycle.

Modern data engineering at scale in the cloud with Databricks and Talend

With the partnership of Databricks and Talend, data engineers can enable insight-ready data at scale in the cloud using easy, drag and drop tools. This unlocks the power of multi-cluster cloud-optimized Apache Spark™ for big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and business intelligence (BI).

Moor Insights: How to have a successful software defined infrastructure deployment

Learn how to manage a software defined infrastructure SDI deployment and understand the benefit of composable versus traditional infrastructure. The white paper will also cover the definition of an SDI as well as what an IT organization should look for in an SDI solutions provider.

Overcome Operational Complexity With Composable IT

Read the White Paper to learn how HPE Synergy, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors reduces operational complexity with fluid pools of composable resources.

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