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Strategies to Unleash the Power of Your Data

Learn how to Achieve Exponential Growth to Compound Your Business Model.

eBook | Presented by Palo Alto Networks

5 Must-Haves to Look For in a Best-in-Class IoT Security Solution

Read the e-book,?The 5 Must-Haves for Best-in-Class IoT Security, to learn about the current state of enterprise IoT adoption, unique challenges to security teams and the?five key stages in the lifecycle?of a best-in-class IoT security solution.

eBook | Presented by Mimecast

API Strategy Guide for Strengthening Your Security with Mimecast

This API strategy guide is designed to help your organization understand the benefits of getting started with Mimecast's open API and integrations.

White Paper | Presented by Expedient

Cloud Different?: The Promise of the Multi-Cloud Era

Cloud is 15 years old. Your strategy shouldn't be. Our guide outlines what's worked in that time, what hasn't, and why a new approach is necessary to finally realize the potential of cloud to deliver on digital transformation.

White Paper | Presented by JAMF

Definitive Guide to Google Chrome for the Apple Enterprise Fleet?

Deploy, enroll and manage Google Chrome with Jamf Pro to support your Apple enterprise fleet.

Delivering the Digital Workplace: The Convergence of Organizations, Technology and People (Wherever They Are)

Adoption of the digital workplace has clearly been accelerated since the COVID pandemic.

Video/Webcast | Presented by OwnBackUp

Future-Proof Your Vaccine Management Plan

Join renowned physician and professor, Dr. David B. Agus, in conversation with healthcare industry experts about how public health organizations are teaming up with private sector technology leaders

Video/Webcast | Presented by JAMF

Google + iPad = Education Game Changer

In this webinar, Google + iPad = Education Game Changer, we'll teach you how to improve the student learning experience by blending the best of Google and Apple.

eBook | Presented by JAMF

How Apple Enterprise Management Goes Beyond Mobile Device Management

In this e-book, we introduce you to Apple Enterprise Management and explain why a scalable and automated solution — designed specifically for Apple — is the best method to connect, manage and protect an entire Apple fleet.

How Edge Computing Will Transform Retail Banking

In this webcast, featuring experts from IDC and Lumen, you’ll learn how edge computing will play an increasingly important role in creating differentiation, building operational resilience, and elevating the customer experience at the retail bank branch.

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