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Exiting The Data Center With Cloud Migration

In this webcast they will share insights on how industries are responding to the challenge of existing their data centers, cloud migration and modernization strategies and best-practice advice for designing a successful exit strategy built across people, process, and technology.

Ready to Modernize IT? Start With Automation.

Learn how to optimize the impact that automation has on your organization with tips from this whitepaper. 

eBook | Presented by Insight Enterprises

Optimizing Your Remote Employees’ Extended Network

This ebook offers three key points for organizations to consider when selecting IT solutions to optimize the environment for remote workers. 

White Paper | Presented by HP Inc

Advance your Print Ecosystem to the Cloud

HP transitions your entire print ecosystem to the cloud and manages your print software stack. Count on a secure, fully managed printing experience across home, office, public, and shared spaces.

White Paper | Presented by Couchbase

Containers are the new standard: how can you simplify them on databases and the cloud?

Today, efficiency isn’t measured in seconds but how close to real-time you can get. An organization may have much of the latest and greatest technologies or DevOps practices in place, but if your content isn’t getting in front of customers quickly enough, they’ll go elsewhere.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Sonatype

Developer-Driven Security: Owning your projects from inception to commercialization

Triaging and remediating security issues in your projects can be a pain, especially when you’re given a long list of tasks to complete at the end of a deployment. How can we make the build process as seamless as possible for dev teams? Join this session with Maury in a discussion about making developer’s lives easier. Learn how to upgrade components with the least amount of effort, avoid versions that will completely break your project, and how to avoid dangerous components from the get-go.

White Paper | Presented by HP Inc

HP Remote Worker Cybersecurity Best Practices

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affecting so many people, we are reaching out to let you know your safety and security are in our thoughts. Many employees are now working remotely. Just like good hygiene helps ward off COVID-19, it is important to not overlook cybersecurity hygiene. Here are important strategies and tips for protecting employees, systems, and company data during this time, reducing the risk of an accidental or malicious security breach.

White Paper | Presented by HP Inc

Original HP: Secure printer cartridges you can trust

HP incorporates security into every step of the design, supply chain, and production process. By using only Original HP cartridges in your HP device, you can help protect the integrity of your data.

White Paper | Presented by HP Inc

Print Security Becomes Increasingly Critical with the Rise of a Work-From-Home Workforce

Currently, only 13% of IDC survey respondents believe their company’s overall security level is inadequate. The majority believes that existing security measures are fine or even too extreme and sacrifice productivity.

eGuide | Presented by HP Inc

Redesigning Security in the Modern Workplace: When 20 Offices becomes 20,000 workplaces

Unprecedented circumstances across the world have been a catalyst for accelerated remote working. Businesses have been forced to activate, at speed, continuity plans to support thousands of people working from home like never before. In many cases, 20 offices became 20,000 workplaces almost overnight. This dramatic increase in endpoint locations, means that IT leaders and decision makers need to rethink cybersecurity strategies, reassess risks and adapt security infrastructures to enable new ways of working. It is crucial, that while the evolving nature of the office and need for remote working must be considered, businesses must also look at ways to integrate these new ways of working into their wider digital transformation plans.

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