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White Paper | Presented by Yubico

2021 Yubico and 451 Research Study

With remote work as the new normal, enterprises have increased spend and adoption of authentication technologies. But are they still underestimating the threat landscape? The study aims to uncover and understand preferences and adoption trends with respect to multi-factor authentication in the enterprise.

White Paper | Presented by Yubico

Accelerate Your Zero Trust Strategy with Strong Authentication

Download the whitepaper to learn about strong authentication best practices that will put you on the right track to implementing your Zero Trust framework.

eBook | Presented by JAMF

A Migration Guide for Businesses Switching MDM Solutions

While many research firms have proclaimed (for many years) UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) as the future of device management, Gartner now believes UEM remains three to five years away for most organizations

eBook | Presented by JAMF

An Advanced Guide to Identity Management & Security

The importance of identity management has become abundantly clear in the past decade as organizations looked to accommodate remote workforce demands.

eGuide | Presented by JAMF

An Analysis of iOS App Permissions

Mobile apps need data to function. That’s why app developers ask for varying levels of access to the information on your mobile device. Usually, it’s to improve functionality, but occasionally it lacks proper justification.

eGuide | Presented by JAMF

App Lifecycle Management with Jamf

App Lifecycle Management (ALM) is the cyclical workflow for applications in an enterprise that looks at all the different points in time of an application. Each stage plays an important part of every organization’s app strategy.

White Paper | Presented by Yubico

Bridge to Passwordless - Seven Steps to Execute a Smooth Passwordless Implementation

Learn about the key considerations to take into account when determining your path to passwordless, so that you can enhance organizational security while delivering users a fast and easy user experience.

White Paper | Presented by Citrix

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service with Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop - Whitepaper

The focus of this white paper is the business value and cost savings analysis of a modern cloud deployment.

White Paper | Presented by Oracle

Connected planning starter kit: Align project plans with growth initiatives

Get this guide for five best practices and first steps to build the foundation for a connected, finance-focused project plan.

White Paper | Presented by Oracle

Connected planning starter kit: Build a winning workforce plan

The COVID-19 pandemic created dramatic changes in our workforce-nearly 4 million Americans left their jobs in April 2021 alone, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Finance and HR leaders must work together to build a connected workforce plan. By aligning their data, systems, and strategy, they'll gain more comprehensive workforce insights and a deeper understanding of the costs involved.

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