Udo Waibel, 2015 Honoree

Milpitas, Calif.
An example of your leadership style:
Trust, but verify. I trust my employees and give them the creative space to do what they do best, but I always verify that what they've done is in line with the company's overall vision and goals.
A job responsibility you'd like to eliminate:
HR reviews. To me, feedback to employees should happen every day as part of being a leader. It shouldn't occur only on a certain day once a year. No tool can replace personal communication with your employees and, more importantly, personal praise.
Fast ROI project:
The development and release of our HEAT Hybrid IT Service Management solution. Within 12 months, we took a vision and made it a reality.
What's your boldest prediction for IT in the next five years?
We'll see a massive repatriation of IT services, which will have a huge impact on third-party vendors, especially out-of-country ones. We'll see a huge shift away from viewing IT as a cost to the organization and toward IT as a business enabler and provider of quality to the organization.
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