David Reilly, 2015 Honoree

Bank of America
New York
New IT titles:
We added a new team recently -- infrastructure as a service -- that enables us to provide more integrated application hosting services by bringing together the server, software-defined infrastructure, data center and storage teams. This is a significant step toward evolving our structure and aligning the organization into a service-aligned operating model.
Skills you'll hire for in 2015:
We are training leaders and technologists deeper in the organization, because our team is undergoing a cultural transformation. To help us evolve as a best-in-class infrastructure team, the ideal candidates would have strong risk management backgrounds, a wide range of technical excellence and deep business acumen. We've also defined cultural attributes for members of the team, such as the ability to take ownership and act as a trusted partner.
Coolest project:
We are building out our first software-defined infrastructure. It will be dramatically more effective and efficient than the one we have today. It will deliver to our businesses a degree of flexibility that will allow the infrastructure to change shape to match the needs of the business.
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