Darren Lacey, 2015 Honoree

Chief information security officer
IT@Johns Hopkins
Skills you'll hire for in 2015:
We're looking for server-side JavaScript people, especially those with C/C++ experience.
Career highlight:
Twenty years ago I wrote a grant application that created a comprehensive HIV/AIDS program for a major U.S. city and county.
Coolest project:
Machine learning for log analysis. It uses new technologies and some fancy math to better develop situational awareness.
What's your boldest prediction for IT in the next five years?
The Internet of Things will push required IT expertise down to low-level code. The technology footprint will be too small for most corporate tools, and IT pros will be worrying about 1970s era concerns, such as memory management.
What title do you aspire to?
Hacker in chief
Which emerging technologies have captured your interest?
ARM technology debugging and decompilation. Working hard to figure out where low-level attacks on mobile devices are likely to come from.
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