Daniel J. Kelly, 2015 Honoree

Vice president and transportation CIO
Parsons Corp.
New IT titles:
We have added enterprise architect, graphic designer and manager of data analytics.
A job responsibility you'd like to eliminate:
I would eliminate administrative tasks focused on reporting past results or granting approvals that are more appropriately delegated. Although I see value in reporting accomplishments for educational purposes and development of best practices, I am not a fan of lagging indicators. I would prefer authority for things like procurement, as an example, to be pushed into the field -- putting the decision closer to the result.
Which emerging technologies have captured your interest?
Definitely the Internet of Things. Our transportation group implements intelligent transportation systems, rail-transit signaling systems, toll systems, structural health monitoring and other embedded devices that communicate back to central control systems. By some estimates, there will be 50 billion embedded devices in the world by 2020. Smart infrastructure is an important part of the services we provide.
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