Indra K. Bishop, 2015 Honoree

EdTech Consulting Group (formerly CIO at Harvard Graduate School of Education)
Cambridge, Mass.
Skills you'll hire for in 2015:
Social and mobile technologies have become important business tools with wide-ranging capabilities that deliver benefits such as increased productivity through collaboration, customer engagement and ease of access. To leverage these technologies effectively, positions such as social and collaborative technologies lead and a mobility solutions developer will need to be created. Internal employees could be groomed for at least one of these positions.
Most innovative idea from your staff:
When we were trying to figure out whether it was worth keeping a little-used multimedia lab, my staff suggested we convert it into a multipurpose innovation space -- an open, collaborative, technology-enhanced work area for our student entrepreneurs. We are launching it with a series of events, beginning with a student education hackathon and a competition promoting team-based approaches to addressing complex educational challenges.
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