Manu Tandon, 2014 Honoree

Secretariat CIO, Executive Office of Health and Human Services; Massachusetts HIT Coordinator
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Quincy, Mass.
New titles in your IT organization:
I plan on adding an IT organization management position to the IT executive staff.
Skills you'll hire for this year:
Mobile computing, enterprise data management and consumer-facing data dissemination skills, cloud-based infrastructure management skills and organization management skills.
Quick ROI project:
By bringing in alternate solutions, leveraging buying power and knowledge gained across multiple projects we were able to get a significant saving on a cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service solution. We were able to save over $4 million.
A recent innovative staff idea:
We invested about $4 million in a juvenile justice management system that is used as a youth case management and financial management tool at the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services. The new IT system enhanced our ability to track financial data and has already resulted in upwards of $7 million in additional federal financial reimbursement for the state.
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