Rob Reynolds, 2014 Honoree

Vice president, rapid software development
Comcast Cable
New titles in your IT organization:
ScrumMasters and agile coaches. We're still software developers, engineers and architects, but in an agile world, a developer may write code in the morning and execute test cases in the afternoon.
A task you've delegated this year:
Project updates. It's no longer us giving the updates -- it's the lines of business giving the update. They own it, they're accountable for it, and they know where they are with it.
Quick ROI project:
We received a threefold request at the end of December 2012: Billing channel harmonization (set up consistent online bill payment systems across channels), outage notification (unify the interactive voice response systems) and technician ETA (ensure timely arrivals). By the first quarter of 2013, we'd delivered on all three, saving hundreds of millions of dollars in call avoidance.
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