Venki Rao, 2014 Honoree

GE Digital Energy
New titles in your IT organization:
Chief information security officer, big data analytics leader, user experience leader, social media director and IT compliance leader.
How have you incorporated social media into your own work?
I communicate regularly on GE's internal Facebook-like collaboration platform (known as GE Colab), use Twitter to provide quick updates and blog regularly on technology trends, strategic initiatives, operational status and social media bloopers.
A task you've delegated this year:
I have asked my CTO to work on data center and server room reduction. By reducing our data centers by 50% and increasing virtualization, we can cut our operational costs by $8 million per year. His team is making great progress and will meet their target by year's end.
Boldest IT prediction:
Wearable technology such as iWatches and Google Glass will penetrate the market in next few years.
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