Dan Petlon, 2014 Honoree

CIO at large
Formerly CIO at Enterasys Networks
Salem, N.H.
Skills you'll hire for this year:
Salesforce.com, particularly Force.com development. We will probably train from inside due to the high demand for these people in the job market.
Coolest current project:
Implementation of a new community portal (Get Satisfaction). We have a very loyal customer base that is eager to participate when our community is launched.
How do you evaluate emerging technologies?
We do a lot of pilots. I deploy things to IT first whenever possible, and often I'm the first user. Then I get the technology quickly into the hands of those who can get the most value from it.
To what extent do you embed IT workers in business units?
We often embed IT resources for the duration of a project into the sponsoring business function. We also require the business owners to participate in the project meeting to make sure all parties are in sync.
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