Doris Peek, 2014 Honoree

Senior vice president of IT, CIO
Broward Health
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
How are you turning your IT department into a services organization?
I took a strategic view to focus IT as a services organization rather than being technology-oriented by restructuring the help desk to a service center model that operates 24/7 with service-level agreements.
Boldest IT prediction:
IT will be a knowledge broker. This is already true in healthcare: We are training employees currently in stovepiped engineering roles to take on broader integration work. Technology is important, but supporting processes to turn data into information and then to knowledge will gain importance.
How are you building an IT department for the future?
Our IT culture is made up of an enterprise model and governance structure that has been put in place by best practices and industry methodologies.
How have you surprised your CEO in recent months?
Three years ago, I had anticipated that the Accountable Care Organization model would be driven by IT in introducing technologies to support physicians. During a budget meeting, my CEO was surprised at the readiness of IT to support the model and granted me an additional investment.
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