Roger L. Neal, 2014 Honoree

Vice president and CIO
Duncan Regional Hospital
Duncan, Okla.
Skills you'll hire for this year:
We are looking for SQL and Web 2.0 development skills, plus an understanding of technology's role in the realm of electronic health record integration.
A task you've delegated this year:
Day-to-day operations of our data centers to one of our lead network administrators to help improve our uptime percentages. He is also working directly with Dell for our cloud computing environment.
How are you turning your IT department into a services organization?
We are transitioning our lead analysts from technical-only knowledge to business knowledge by having them work within business units daily. Knowing the whole business from end to end is very beneficial when solving technology problems on the fly.
Coolest current project:
Clinical and business analytic dashboards. The new system we are putting in place will give us real-time information anywhere, anytime through a Web browser on any device.
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