John Marcante, 2014 Honoree

Managing director and CIO
Malvern, Pa.
How many times have you had to reinvent yourself in your career?
Vanguard's encouragement of rotations has given me the opportunity to move all over IT and our businesses. I've led various IT groups, our Six Sigma organization, and our High Net Worth and Advice businesses, all before my move to CIO in 2012. I forged my path by eagerly accepting opportunities as they presented themselves.
A career highlight:
After 9/11, I was moved to manage Vanguard's technology operations, at a time of tremendous business growth and heightened business resiliency needs. Our then-CEO tasked me with doubling our production infrastructure while simultaneously cutting expenses over the next few years. This challenging new role served as a launch pad for many amazing opportunities. These experiences accelerated the development of my leadership abilities, technology skills and business acumen, which are all required competencies for a CIO.
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