Catherine A. Maras, 2014 Honoree

Bexar County Government
San Antonio, Texas
A career highlight:
I have worked in Fortune 100 companies and local government. I believe that I have a good perspective on how to deliver relevant software to customers. As customers have said, I help to solve their business problems. I enjoy working with my customers, and they know that I will be available to help them meet their business mission.
Coolest current project:
BiblioTech (a digital library), because it's viewed as disruptive technology for the library industry.
Quick ROI project:
Bexar County's electronic citations project replaced paper ticketing of drivers stopped for traffic violations. Thanks to a reduction in the number of manual data entry errors and added revenue as a result of an increase in the number of citations being served, the system paid for itself in less than six months.
A recent innovative staff idea:
My staff has incorporated the use of augmented reality into BiblioTech, and the response from our customers has been wonderful.
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