Jeffrey C. Johnson, 2014 Honoree

Assistant director
Federal Bureau of Investigation
New titles in your IT organization:
A marketing officer, whose responsibilities include ensuring proper marketing strategies for product and service implementations and improving customer service relationships and IT's 'brand.' We also added customer liaisons, who are embedded within our major customer branches, providing technology consulting and interface support.
A task you've delegated this year:
The most important task has been transforming from an execution (growth) decision governance methodology to an agile prioritized (value) decision-based methodology supporting complex IT development.
Quick ROI project:
Evaluating the production of content in Sentinel, the FBI's electronic case management tool, against the full cost of development, has resulted in a nine-month return on investment.
To what extent do you embed IT workers in business units?
We are currently embedding our customer liaison officers and several IT project managers in the business divisions.
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