John Hanson, 2014 Honoree

Vice president of corporate systems
Sabre Holdings
Southlake, Texas
A career highlight:
At Travelocity, I was tasked with figuring out how to stop credit card fraud. With the help of talented people, we designed systems and operational processes to create a world-class fraud-prevention operation. We severely slowed down the bad guys and saved the company millions of dollars.
Coolest current project:
Being in IT, there is never a lack of cool or interesting things to do. These days, I'm excited about a process we're driving to reframe our conversations with the business to pull them away from being tool-centric to more closely tying them to our critical business priorities. This helps give greater meaning to projects on the road map and better aligns particular solutions to their true purpose.
Quick ROI project:
We worked with QlikView to create a dashboard that would give us real-time visibility into signups for our corporate 'Give Time Together' campaign. With the help of our partners and a small internal team, we implemented the dashboard in less than a month. We then put it directly in the hands of our executives, and it enabled us to increase volunteer participation by more than 50% over previous record levels.
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