Shirin Hamid, 2014 Honoree

United Nations Development Programme
New York
How far along is your organization's journey to the cloud?
UNDP will now move key enterprise services from a private cloud to a public cloud. Those services include email, calendaring, instant messaging, file sharing and storage, as well as online office productivity tools and integrated voice, video and webconferencing.
What's the coolest project you're working on?
A package of enterprise services for development projects through which UNDP (together with partners, governments, civic groups and so on) strives to fight poverty, build democratic societies, prevent crises and enable recovery, protect the environment, halt HIV/AIDS, empower women and grow national capacities.
Quick ROI project:
Our internal intranet, now being rolled out to UNDP country offices, is demonstrating ROI and business productivity, especially in countries like Angola, Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Haiti, Mali, Somalia, Syria and Uzbekistan -- where corporate information is safely in the cloud.
Skills you'll hire for this year:
Enterprise architect, data architect, portfolio manager and service desk support.
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