Bill Graff, 2014 Honoree

Senior vice president, Cerner Technology Services
Kansas City, Mo.
New titles in your IT organization:
We've recently added business relationship managers to our staff to serve as liaisons to our peer organizations within the company.
Skills you'll hire for this year:
We have steady demand throughout our entire infrastructure and software development environment, so we're hiring recent graduates and experienced engineers across all specialties. Regardless of their experience, we provide in-depth role-based training for our team, and specifically target experienced hires where we have the most immediate need for productivity.
A task you've delegated this year:
Though I'm often still involved in the final product and the actual presentation, I've had to increasingly rely upon my leadership team to develop business cases to justify technology expenditures across our organization. We generally build small teams of technology, operations and financial experts to produce those business cases.
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