Jim H.C. Forbes, 2014 Honoree

University Health Network
Toronto, Ontario
How many times have you had to reinvent yourself in your career?
Over the past decade, I have had to reinvent myself at least four times, specializing at times as an expert in interoperability, enterprise architecture, procurement, policy and the cloud.
A recent example of your leadership style:
People should get full credit for their responsibilities and accomplishments. Recently, the new head of our project management office led development for the future of project management in our organization. By having her present it to the staff herself, I helped her establish crucial credibility and visibility.
What's one job responsibility you'd like to eliminate?
Administrative work. When we introduced the Lean approach, I determined that I was spending well over half my time in standing meetings. Lean helped me restructure my day, streamline our project management life cycle and reduce the time our managers spent in meetings.
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