Cindy Elkins, 2014 Honoree

Vice president and head of IT Americas
South San Francisco, Calif.
How many times have you had to reinvent yourself in your career?
At least eight times -- software developer to project manager, individual contributor to people manager, people manager to architect-strategist, IT person to business general manager, high-tech industry to biotech industry, functional leader to site leader, single site to multicontinent team, and most recently traditional IT to healthcare IT.
How have you incorporated social media into your own work?
Upon joining Genentech, I distributed monthly podcasts so I could connect to the team in a consistent and authentic way through voice. I'm also 'all in' with Google+ internally and post regular updates. Both of these allow me to connect to people in a personal yet scalable way.
How do you evaluate emerging technologies?
Through our Idea Incubator, which allows us to prototype any idea in two to three weeks. With this, IT can stay a step ahead because every moment matters for our patients.
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