James R. Edmunds, 2014 Honoree

Director of IT
American Infrastructure
Worcester, Pa.
How many times have you had to reinvent yourself in your career?
I estimate that I have reinvented myself five times in my career. While there were different technologies to learn or expertise I had to gain, the primary area of reinvention was in the area of leadership. I have grown and adapted my leadership style in order to continue to motivate and influence.
A recent example of your leadership style:
I sat with my leadership team and pulled out our mission statement. We went through the details of what we had written a few years back and focused on the basic wording. In the end, I framed our direction, where we are going and the fundamentals that drive us as no more than what's on that mission statement. Then we established a very simple three-step action plan to drive the team to take more ownership of our long-term direction and to think bigger.
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