Jamie Cutler, 2014 Honoree

Vice president and CIO
QEP Resources
How many times have you had to reinvent yourself in your career?
Four or five at a minimum. When you choose the technology world as a career, adaptability is critical to your success. I believe that a leader is only as good as the people around him. I work at all levels of my relationships to constantly learn and evolve my understanding. New ideas or thoughts can come from anywhere in your relationship universe and being open to that is the key.
How are you turning your IT department into a services organization?
I focus my team on acting like a revenue-generating department. Our goal is to drive efficiency at all levels through our team and the entire company. By acting like a profit-and-loss center, we avoid the mindset of 'them' and 'us,' which I personally dislike. IT employees need to understand their stake in corporate success. Only by taking the same approach as our sales or operations departments do we align well.
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